Monday, October 3, 2011

Need a Merchant Account but on TMF or MATCH list? I can help.

I have been looking at what search terms are bringing people to my blog and I am getting substantial traffic from people who are looking to get off MATCH or who were placed on MATCH and need a merchant account because of a previous blog post I wrote.  If you are reading this post, and you are in this situation then contact me.

Its a very frustrating situation to be in especially since alot of the time you didn't intend anything malicious but something happened and you were placed on this. I understand that.

I can help you deal with this issue and hopefully get you a merchant account. I have strategies that work very well and solutions you may want to look into. So, if you got to my blog and are having TMF or MATCH issues - let me help.  As much as I do love writing about payment processing, I am in the business of working with medium to high risk merchants and getting them set-up with merchant accounts, so as much as I do want to be informative, I also want your business!


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