Thursday, September 22, 2011

We help banks become offshore acquirers.

One of the many things that really seperate us from others is that we don't only provide our consulting services to merchants, we work with a quite a few banks to get going and starting to process for online companies. Currently we are workig with a bank in Europe, a bank in Asia (Taiwan) and a bank in the Carribean who are new to international processing.

These banks are run by bankers of course, so they don't have the experience or background when it comes to medium to high risk ecommerce processing. We do.

We help them set up procesing relationships, we help them with their underwriting policies, we help them with their reporting, we help them manage their risk/exposure and we will help them determine pricing/revenue models.

Because of this unique relationship with banks globally, we are able to place business that nobody else has. We have some unbelievable relationships with banks that have been processing for years, but we also have "virgin" banks.

So, if you are a bank and you are looking to start in acquiring, get in touch. We can definitely help you out. If you are a merchant looking for some "different" processing solutions, we can help you there also.


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